Microlandia, is a sovereign floating island nation with sixty species of native plants beneficial to its insect and bird citizens. The idea of a sovereign wildlife enclave whose inhabitants have declared independence from human influence appeals to me in this time of environmental predicament.
The island is a kind of collaboration with nature, that nature itself continues to evolve. Since launching the island on April 20, 2019, I have been documenting it monthly and witnessing new plants establishing and new insects and birds using the environment for their benefit.
Microlandia’s wetland-to-upland plant succession mimics the broader I-Park biome. Wildlife and plant protection are the first defense against the loss of biodiversity and Microlandia is designed as a kind of insular laboratory, the documentation, and study of which can lead to conversations on conservation.
Salvaged plastic pallets, salvaged plastic crates, salvaged PVC pipe, salvaged burlap, found local wood, and local soil. Microlandia utilizes 'hügelkultur', a Scandinavian gardening technique that uses wood as a base for a growing bed. As the wood decomposes it turns into rich soil.
SIZE: 120 square feet