Nesting is a two-part installation created during my first I-Park residency consisting of The Boardwalk and The Village. Both pieces are made to be experienced from the sky as well as from the ground. Located in an abandoned gravel quarry and a field respectively the pieces explore traces of Native American and early European settlements found on the I-Park site. The installations touch on the transience of humans’ marks left on the earth as well as the relatively short time span that we occupy in the continuum of earth's history.
The Boardwalk is a 120-foot long walkway created from boards reclaimed from a dilapidated building on the property. This piece explores the idea of a shelter as a continuum or life span. It is constructed as a curved line, which at its end radiates in many directions.
The Village is a 50-foot circular structure created from fallen tree branches and is based on an archeological dig of a Mohegan camp. The large 6-foot diameter nests inside the village circle represent birth as well as the Mohegan worship of Eagles as deities who transport souls to the afterlife. In an action staged inside the village nests, resident artists at I-Park share stories of their heritage.