Running Soldier

Although it is hard to imagine by the peaceful streets of the United States that the country is at war, veterans of the armed forces continue to come back home with combat trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. These conditions can be debilitating to soldiers who are used to being in a state of aroused vigilance and view their weapon as the only source of protection in combat. The feeling of a lack of security can continue for veterans when back in civilian life.
This mobile video projection puts an armed running soldier in to the environment where so many members of military personnel come from - the American City.
It also illustrates the kind of effect that first-person shooter video games have on the perception of actual combat experience. The military uses first-person shooter and tactical shooter as well as other sim games as a means of recruiting and training personnel. While hundreds of thousands of American kids sit in their rooms practicing being the hero with a gun, many come back broken by the real experience of war.