Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial

Where do we go to connect with our memories? A place that is peaceful, alive + transcendent... 

1 stone cenotaph memorial wall with inscriptions
2 sacred soil meadow mound and aspen walk
3 stone seat walls along paths with nature haiku carvings
4 contemplative pond walk and spring pool water element
5 ridgeline skywalk 

As a destination for remembrance and connection, a cenotaph, a gently curving memorial wall within an intimate gathering terrace is the focal point. The serpentine shape engages space, its stones express movement and its six-foot height relates to the human body. In acknowledgment of our instinct to do so, inscription stones provide a small relief upon which to leave a token of remembrance. Curving pathways echo the form of the memorial wall and offer contemplative, welcoming, and elevating experiences surrounded by nature. Seating is integrated into the walkways corresponding to the need for rest or the desire for communion with someone - or a thing of beauty - along the way.
​[w/Dinep/Schwab Landscape Architects, Matthew Cosma, Lidija Ristovska]​

Size: 5 acres