Willimantic Whitewater Partnership Landart Generator Initiative

Land Art Generator Initiative
Invited Competition
Willimantic Whitewater Park
Conceptual Environmental Art Design
Willimantic Connecticut

As a team of artists, landscape architects and energy experts - all with a deep local sensibility and critical expertise - we tap into a variety of existing community sectors - artists, craftspeople, technical and construction experts, families, public servants, and interested citizens-- to gauge their attitudes toward the site, their sustainability values, and their reactions to the concepts considered. The voice of the Willimantic community participants had a strong presence in this design proposal.

The proposed Solar Boombox artwork celebrates the vitality, multiculturalism and fun the park embodies as a hub of community energy. Numerous options exist for how interactive this audio content might be for the public.

Phase 2 of the design concept is envisioned as a build-out for the Whitewater Park. The plan incorporates elements that integrate and support the conceptual themes of waves, sound, movement, energy and community.

[w/Dinep/Schwab Landscape Architects, Matthew Macunas, Richard Dziadul, Lidija Ristovska, Katarina Ristic + citizens of Willimantic CT too numerous to list here]